Notes on the Ordo for the week starting 19 June 2010

Herewith a few notes on the Office this week - this may or may not become a regular feature depending on whether or not people find it useful (let me know), and how much time it takes to compile.  All page references are to the Monastic Diurnal (Farnborough edition).

Please do let me know if you find (or think there may be) any mistakes in the Ordo or notes.

The season is currently 'time throughout the year', so select all antiphons etc accordingly.

Saturday June 19 – I Vespers of the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

The Magnificat antiphon (MD 445*) refers to the readings for Matins, I Samuel 17, which starts the story of David and Goliath.

Sunday June 20 – Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, Class II

At Lauds use the first psalm schema (Ps 50, 117, 62) and Hymn Ecce Iam Noctis.

The Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons (MD 463-4*) refer to the Gospel set for this Sunday, Luke 5.

All the rest is as for Sundays throughout the year.

Mon 21 – St Aloysius Gonzaga, Confessor, Memorial

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (1568 - 1591) was an Italian Jesuit.  You can read about his life here.  For the commemoration at Lauds (made after the collect for the week, from Sunday at MD 464*), see MD [157].

All the rest is as for Mondays throughout the year.

Tuesday June 22 – Class IV

All as for Tuesdays throughout the year, with the collect of the previous Sunday, MD 464*.

Wed 23 – Vigil of St John the Baptist, Class II

St John the Baptist is regarded as the last of the Old Testament prophets; he is the only saint apart from Our Lady whose earthly birth, by virtue of its significance in foreshadowing that of Our Lord's,  is celebrated in the calendar. 

The Office today (up until Vespers) is said as for a Wednesday throughout the year, but instead of the Sunday collect, the collect for the day, set out on MD [158] is used.  Vespers is I Vespers for the feast - psalms are from the Common of Apostles, MD (2)ff, with antiphons and proper texts from MD [159] ff.

Thurs 24 – Nativity of St John the Baptist, Class I

At Lauds, use the festal psalms of Sunday (PS 92 etc) with the antiphons and other texts set out at MD [161] ff.  At Prime use the first antiphon at Lauds, and the rest as set out in the Diurnal.  At Vespers, use the antiphons from Lauds (omitting the fourth) with the psalms from the Common of Apostles.

Fri 25 – Class IV

All as for Fridays throughout the year, with collect of Sunday, MD 464*.

Sat 26 – Saturday of Our Lady; SS John and Paul, Martyrs, memorial

The rubrics and antiphons etc for the Office Of Our Lady on Saturday are set out in the Diurnal at MD (129) ff.  After the collect at Lauds (MD (131), make a commemoration of the saints, early martyrs under the reign of Julian the Apostate.  Their tombs were found below the Church dedicated to them in Rome, pictured left.


expat said...


I really *love* your notes and find them very helpful!

Of course, I understand if it becomes too onerous for you to do with your schedule. I have appreciated all the work and time you have put into keeping this up.

Scott said...

Very helpful, thank you!

Anton said...

It`s helpful. I hope, you can continue with that.

Terra said...

Thanks for the comments, I'll see what I can do.

Can I ask though whether it is the rubrics notes or the additional info on the days that is helpful and interesting? And if it is primarily the rubrics notes, would it be better to incorporate them into the monthly Ordo? And is there any other info that it would be helpful to include?

Anton said...

For me is additional info more helpful. For rubrics notes is monthly Ordo quite enough. But info about saints and antiphons is very good.

benedict said...

I concur with Anton. Include the rubrics in the monthly list but please try to keep going with the additional information. It is of great interest.

Indeed why not include everything in the monthly list? Yes, it may be onerous whilst compiling, but it would free up your time for the remainder of the month.

Some may argue it would/could make the monthly list lengthy but hey, is that not what scroll buttons are there for?

Just my two pence worth.

Ben said...

Rubrical reminders in the ordo would be good, especially things like the Prime antiphon changing on III class or higher feasts: things that are standing rules but that are easy to forget.

The additional notes are great but perhaps don't belong in the ordo.

By the way, were it not for this site I would not now be using the MD. Tremendously helpful.

In the future, perhaps ordo notes could be made for the things that need to be taken into consideration for the sung office from the Antiphonale Monasticum.

Terra said...

OK so I'm thinking at the moment that it may be helpful to include a few more rubrics prompts in the monthly notes (but not going overboard), but this isn't a major priority.

I'm not actually far off from having the calendar done for the rest of the year, and was planning to put it up shortly. Wouldn't be hard to go back and add in a little more info if that is helpful to some.

May also/alternatively have a cheat sheet to offer (I'll finish what I'm playing with and see whether I think what I'm doing works before I put it up!).

Plus as time permits sounds like there is interest in some additional notes on the liturgy pointing to saints lives, sources of antiphons etc separately (I think just too confusing and long to integrate both together).

Ben - What kind of info from the AM are you looking for? I'm not prepared to do the kind of detailed page referencing I do for the Diurnal, but I could consider either doing a 'how to' post drawing out the various chants to be used on different levels of feasts, or throwing in occasional reminders when the seasonal hymn changes etc?