Notes on the traditional Benedictine calendar for the week of 27 June

Thank you to all those who provided feedback on my last post.  I've decided, subject to any further feedback, to keep these occasional notes (with no commitment on how regular they will be, but I'll try!) mostly to background information on the feasts and texts of the week, and provide any supplemental rubrical information in the Ordo or another post.

Sat 26 – I Vespers of the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

The Magnificat antiphon is the funeral ode spoken by David, as recorded in II Samuel I, when he learns of the tragic death of his close friend Jonathan (killed in battle with the Philistines) and his father King Saul (who allowed himself to be slain by his enemies in his grief).

Sun 27 - Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

The Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons are taken from the Gospel set for today, part of the Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 5.

Mon 28 - Vigil of SS Peter and Paul, Class II; Tuesday 29, Feast of SS Peter and Paul, Class I

The Feast of St Peter (with St Paul along for the ride!) is naturally one of the biggest in the Church's calendar, with a Vigil (traditionally a fast day) and subsequent commemoration. Prior to the rash of liturgical reforms of 50s and early 60s it also had an octave.

The picture left is one of the newly discovered, oldest icons of St Peter in existence (picture AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito).

Wed 30 – Commemoration of St Paul, Apostle, Class III

Because the texts for the main feast day naturally concentrate on St Peter, St Paul gets more of a focus today.  Though called a 'commemoration' it is in fact a third class feast with its own antiphons, and festal psalms at Lauds and Vespers, reflecting the importance of the Apostle to the Gentiles. Note also that collects for both St Paul and St Peter are said today under one ending.

Thurs 1 – Class IV [Roman EF: Most Precious Precious Blood]

Today is one of those relatively rare, slightly odd days when the Benedictine 1963 calendar fails to follow the Roman in relation to a first class feast.  Those who do wish to celebrate the Feast of the Most Precious Bood have a number of options.  If you have a Monastic Antiphonale, music and texts for the feast (from I Vespers onwards) can be found in it under feasts of July.  Alternatively a Liber Usualis (available online) will give you most of the necessary texts, save for the responsory (just omit the fourth antiphon at Vespers and use the Sunday festal psalms at Lauds and I&II Vespers).   You could also raid the online version of the Roman Breviary for necessary texts.

Fri 2 – Visitation of the BVM, Class II

Today's feast is of the Visitation of Our Lady to her cousin Elizabeth, chronicled in Luke I.

Sat 3 – Saturday of Our Lady, SS Processus and Martinian, Martyrs, Memorial [EF: St Irenaeus, Class III]

The saints for today take us back to the feast of SS Peter and Paul - SS Processus and Martinian were traditionally thought to be Roman prison guards set to guard SS Peter and Paul, baptised by St Peter using a miraculous font of water that appeared in the prison, and then martyred with them.  The story has been discredited however, though they are still accepted as early martyrs.

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