Text files/email Ordos

A number of people have asked, over the life of this blog, for access to material such as the Ordo and 'how to' posts in more accessible form.

To test the underlying demand for these materials, and as a step (hopefully) in the right direction, I've created a yahoo group called TradBen, or Traditional Benedictine Spirituality, where I will gradually put up the material from here in word document form.  As a starting point, I've put up the September Ordo, and the quick reference sheets I've been putting up this week will be there shortly.

You can join it by going to the group's home page and clicking on the join group button (or if that doesn't work, send me your email address and I'll send you an invitation).

If people are interested, I could also try emailing out the Ordo and any associated liturgical notes daily in advance (as the Roman Breviary group does) - let me know on the group!

I'd also be open to the group being a discussion forum for more traditionally oriented Benedictine spirituality, since the existing groups and fourms (at least the active ones I've come across!) seem to be dominated by a mentality that I do not consider to be in the spirit of the hermeneutic of continuity and emphasis on orthodoxy advocated by the current Pope.  But that's an optional extra!

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