Second Sunday after Epiphany, Class II

Though we are back, today, in ‘time throughout the year’ so far as the rubrics go, the Sundays after Epiphany do naturally continue with the Epiphany theme, and this week the Gospel is the wedding feast at Cana, the subject of the Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons.

Pope Benedict has commented on this event that:

"The events at the Wedding at Cana are an attestation of this unique harmony between the Mother and the Son in seeking God's will. In a situation laden with symbols of the Covenant, such as the wedding feast, the Virgin Mother intercedes and provokes, so to speak, a sign of superabundant grace: the "good wine" that refers to the mystery of Christ's Blood. This leads us directly to Calvary, where Mary stands beneath the Cross together with the other women and with the Apostle John. The Mother and the disciple receive spiritually the testament of Jesus: his last words and his last breath, in which he begins to pour out the Spirit; and they receive the silent cry of his Blood, poured out entirely for us (cf. Jn 19:25-34). Mary knew where that Blood came from: it had been formed within her by the power of the Holy Spirit and she knew that this same creative "power" was to raise Jesus, as he had promised."

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