Sunday, January 1, 2012

Notes on the Ordo for the week of 1 January

Simone Martini, 1333

I'm going to experiment a little this year with the format and content of my notes on the saints of the calendar - please do let me know whether or not you like it, or any suggestions you may have.

In particular, rather than repeat previous notes on individual saints, in most cases I will simply provide a link to relevant posts from previous years or material on other sites.  Hopefully that will provide some space to add in a few posts on saints from various calendars, as well as other material on Benedictine spirituality...

The liturgical seasons

Up until the evening of January 5 (with I Vespers of the Epiphany) the season is still Christmas (nativitytide), and you can find the texts (chapters, versicles, hymns etc) for this season (Jan 2-5) in the Monastic Diurnal from page 119*. 

The proper texts for Epiphanytide (Jan 7-12), remnants of the now abolished Octave of the Epiphany, are on MD 133*ff. 

If however, you are following the Ordinary Form calendar (or in a place where the 'external solemnity' is transferred to the nearest Sunday) be aware that Epiphany is celebrated this year on January 8.

Note also that Saturdays Office is of Our Lady, said according to the 'After Christmas' rubrics.


Epiphany aside (on which I will post later in the week), the only feast in the universal Benedictine calendar this week is the memorial of St Titus (celebrated on another date entirely in the Roman EF calendar).

In the Extraordinary Form, however, January 2 (January 3 in the Ordinary Form as an optional memorial) is a feast day.  For my previous comments on this, and notes on how to say the Office for the feast, see my previous discussion of the Holy Name of Jesus.

Also in the Ordinary Form, January 7 is the optional memorial of St Raymond of Penyafort.

In some countries and Benedictine Congregations this week also sees the feasts of St Elizabeth Anne SetonSt Andre Bessette and/or St John Neumann.

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