Saturday, January 14, 2012

Notes on the Office for the week of January 15

Duccio di Buononsegna, the Marriage at Cana
Epiphanytide is now over and we are now back in 'time throughout the year'!

Second Sunday after Epiphany

The Epiphany themes, however, are not altogether left behind in the Sundays after Epiphany (which, once upon a time was a distinct season), as this post on the Second Sunday after Epiphany) explains. This week's Gospel tells the story of the wedding at Cana.

Saints this week in the traditional Benedictine Office and EF

The saints celebrated in this week's Office are:
  • Monday 16 Jan - Pope St Marcellus I (pope from May 308 to 309) - he died not long after being banished by the Emperor Maxentius;
  • Tuesday 17 Jan - St Anthony (251-356), made famous by St Athanasius' life, which did much to promote monastic life in both the East and West;
  • Wednesday 18 January - commemoration of St Priscus, martyred under the Emperor Claudius, in the EF only.  The Feast of St Peter's Chair was also formerly celebrated on this day;
  • Thursday 19 January – SS Marius, Martha, Audifax and Abachum, a family from Persia martyred in Rome under the Emperor Aurelian;
  • Friday 20 January - SS Fabian and Sebastian.  St Fabian was Pope from 236 to 250 when he was martyred; St Sebastian was a layman martyred under Diocletian;
  • Saturday 21 January - St Agnes, one of the saints mentioned in the Roman canon.
In some places and Benedictine monasteries, Saturday is also the feast of St Meinrad OSB, a swiss monk killed by thieves attempting to raid a shrine at his monastery in 861.

Ordinary Form calendar

In the Ordinary Form, this Sunday is the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.  The Ordinary Form General Calendar also celebrates St Anthony, SS Fabian and Sebastian and St Agnes this week.

The OSB General Calendar (1975) also celebrates the feast of SS Maurus and Placid on January 15 (in the traditional calendar, their feast is in October).

The English Congregation also celebrate the feast of St Wulfstan OSB, Bishop of Worcester (d 1095) on January 19.


Joshua said...

I must admit feeling quite flat when reading Lauds this morning, given that Epiphanytide has ended and now it's back to "time during the year", even though today is the feast of St Hilary.

If only Christmastide did last all the way through to Candlemas...

Kate said...

Agreed Joshua, and I compounded the problem by going to an Australian Youth Orchestra concert this afternoon (they are holding there annual music camp here in Canberra, and putting on a series fo free concerts to be broadcast on ABC FM) - the playing was very good and the music lovely, but Barber's Adagio is piercingly sad, and Elgar's In the South also a rather melancholy piece in many ways, evoking the ruins of the Italian Riviera!