Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ordo notes for the week of January 22

Codex Egberti, c10th

This Sunday is the Third Sunday after Epiphany in the EF/traditional Benedictine calendar, and the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time in the OF.

This week in the traditional Benedictine and EF calendars

This Sunday's Gospel is St Matthew 8:1-13, Our Lord heals a leper and the Centurion's servant.
Ordinary Form calendar

This week's Gospel is St Mark 1:14-20.
  • Tuesday 22 January, St Frances de Sales;
  • Wednesday 23 January, The Conversion of St Paul; St Cadoc (English Congregation);
  • Thursday, January 26: SS Angela Merici, Timothy and Titus (OF); St. Robert, St. Alberic and St. Stephen, abbots of Citeaux - Optional Memorial (Benedictine Confed);
  • Saturday, January 28: St Thomas Aquinas.

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