Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ordo notes for week of January 29

This Sunday is the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany in the Extraordinary Form.  The Gospel this week, to which the Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons for Sunday refer, is from Matthew 8, where a boat the apostles are on is caught in a storm, and Jesus calms the waters.

There is also a memorial of St Frances de Sales.

The Feast of the Purification: change of Compline antiphon

The major feast this week is of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin, on Thursday, which marks the end of the last remnants of the Christmas season (for example in the Saturday Office of Our Lady, which reverts back to the antiphons and prayers used throughout the year after the feast). 

It also marks a change of Marian antiphon at Compline: from Wednesday night, Ave Regina Caelorum is said or sung.

Saints in the traditional Benedictine and Roman EF calendar this week
The Ordinary Form calendar

This is the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time.  The Gospel is St Mark 1:21-28, Our Lord preaches at Capernaum and expels an evil spirit from a man.

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