Saturday, February 4, 2012

Septuagesima Sunday: Ordo notes for the week of 5 February

This Sunday is Septuagesima Sunday, the start of the 'pre-Lenten' or 'Shrovetide' season. 

Septuagesimatide is intended to help us ease us into Lenten mode, and so is a good time to start thinking about what book to choose as spiritual reading for Lent, and what penances you plan to adopt.

During this time, the Alleluia is no longer used in the Office - but it is first solemnly 'buried' with extra Alleluias added to the close of the Office of I Vespers today.

The Gospel is St Matthew 20:1-16, the parable of the workers being hired for the vineyard.

Saints feasts in the traditional Benedictine and Extraordinary Form calendars this week are:
  • Tuesday, 7 February, St Romuald, OSB;
  • Wednesday 8 February (EF only): St John of Matha;
  • Thursday 9 February (EF only): St Cyril of Alexandria
  • Friday, 10 February: St Scholastica, Class I/II;
  • Saturday, 11 February (EF only): Apparition of the BVM.
Other saints who feasts occur this week that are particularly worth noting include St Benedict of Aniane, the great Carolingian codifier and reformer of monastic life.

In the Ordinary form, it is the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, and the Gospel is St Mark 1:29-39, the healing of St Peter's mother-in-law, and preaching in Galilee.


Damanu Road said...

Dear Icognita, this is not connected wiht the current post but I have a question which has been bugging me since I purchased and starting praying with a copy of the Farnborough Diurnal - how do I use the ribbons. Thanks

Kate said...

There is really no particular rule when it comes to the ribbons - just use them as convenient.

I usually keep one on the seasonal section, for the collect of the day or week, one in the saints section, and then use the others to keep track of the parts of the particular hour I'm saying (so for Vespers, one on the Magnificat for example).

But you will find it makes sense as you get going...