Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost (July 29)

Gurk Cathedral, 1340
The first Nocturn readings for Sunday Matins (referred to the Magnificat antiphon at I Vespers) are from Chapter 1 of the fourth book of Kings (Book II in modern Bibles).

This Sunday's Gospel in the Extraordinary Form (and third Nocturn of Matins) is St Luke 19:41-47, Jesus weeps for Jerusalem and the cleansing of the Temple.

SS Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice, Martyrs, Memorial

Today is also the memorial of several martyrs, as noted in the Roman Martyrology:

"At Rome, on the Aurelian Way, St. Felix II, pope and martyr. Being expelled from his See by the Arian emperor Constantius for defending the Catholic faith, and being put to the sword privately at Cera in Tuscany, he died gloriously. His body was taken away from that place by clerics, and buried on the Aurelian Way. It was afterwards brought to the Church of the Saints Cosmas and Damian, where, under the Sovereign Pontiff Gregory XIII, it was found beneath the altar with the relics of the holy martyrs Mark, Marcellian, and Tranquillinus, and with the latter was put back in the same place on the 31st of July. In the same altar were also found the bodies of the holy martyrs Abundius, a priest, and Abundantius, a deacon, which were shortly after solemnly transferred to the church of the Society of Jesus, on the eve of their feast....

Also at Rome, on the Via Portuensis, the holy martyrs Simplicius, Faustinus, and Beatrice, in the time of Emperor Diocletian. The first two, after being subjected to many different torments, were condemned to suffer death; Beatrice, their sister, was smothered in prison for the confession of Christ."

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