Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

The Office this week

Sun 31 Mar Easter Sunday, Class I with a Class I Octave
Mon 1 April Monday in the Octave of Easter, Class I
Tues 2 April Tuesday in Octave of Easter, Class I
Wed 3 April Wednesday in the Octave of Easter, Class I
Thurs 4 April Thursday in the Octave of Easter, Class I
Fri 5 April Friday in the Octave of Easter, Class I
Sat 6 April White Saturday in the Octave of Easter, Class I

Octave of Easter

Throughout the Octave, all as for Easter Sunday including the psalms at the day hours, except that:

. Matins has two nocturns and readings for each day Matins (or note option of using ferial psalms with antiphon for the feast throughout the octave);

. Lauds and Vespers have Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons for each day; and
. the collect is of the day. 


Tradne4163 said...

hi. I'm not sure where else to ask, so here I go. On April 9 is the anniversary of the dedication of my archdiocese's cathedral. I know i'm supposed to use the Common for the Dedication of a Church, but the rubrics appear to be a little unclear. Especially since I Vespers would be during the Feast of the Annunciation. How do I proceed?

Kate Edwards said...

I'm away from home at the moment without access to the rubrics, but I think Annunciation probably takes precedence.

Accordingly, at II Vespers of the Annunciation you would make a commemoration of the Dedication of a Church (ie say the versicle, Magnificat antiphon and collect after the collect for the Annunciation). Then on the 9th itself use the dedication common as set out in the book.

Hope that helps.

I'll doublecheck and confirm towards the end of the week.

Tradne4163 said...

It helps a little. Trouble is, there are two different parts marked as II Vespers. That is really throwing me for a loop. Plus the explanation in the Dedication itself seems to suggest that it goes into the day following the anniversary itself, though I think I may be misunderstanding it. Thanks for looking into it for me. Your site has truly been a blessing for me as I have been learning how to pray the Monastic Office the past few weeks.

Kate Edwards said...

OK, first, on Annunciation you say Vespers of the Annunciation and just make a commemoration of the dedication of the church on April 8. For this, use the versicle, Magnificat antiphon and collect for the anniversary of a the dedication of a church, MD (112) - (113).

At Vespers on April 9, say everything as set out for I Vespers, MD (106) with the short responsory for paschaltide, MD (110) until you get up to the versicle and antiphon for the Magnificat. Skip the version on MD (112) and use the text that follows labelled for II Vespers (it is set out again on MD (112) but it is identical in both places). Use the collect for anniversary.

Hope that helps make it clearer, but let me know if not!

Tradne4163 said...

Yes, that clears things up nicely. It looks like the inclusion of II Vespers twice might have been a printing mistake now that I look at it. either that or they wanted it to be easier to find on the Day of dedication itself (as opposed to the anniversary). Thank you so much for clearing it up.