Saturday, April 13, 2013

So which Sunday in Eastertide is it? Take your pick!

One of the more bizarre changes to the calendar in 1970, surely designed only to confuse, was the change in the numbering system of Sundays in certain seasons of the year.  The net result is that while in the Extraordinary Form, this Sunday is the Second Sunday after Easter, in the Ordinary Form it is the Third Sunday of Easter.  Go figure!

Naturally, the Gospels no longer align either - in the EF it is Good Shepherd Sunday (John 10: 11-16); in the OF, the text is John 21:1-19.

That's a shame it seems to me.  Whatever the merits of new lectionary's use of more of Scripture, there are certain texts, reflected in the Churches ancient Sunday Gospel cycle, that every Catholic ought to know more or less by heart, and repeating them every year helps ensure that.  But alas, in the Novus Ordo lectionary, this beautiful and important text comes around only once every three years, and you had your chance last year!

This week's Ordo in the 1962 Benedictine calendar

Sun 14 April   Second Sunday after Easter, Class II; SS Tiburtius, Valerian and Maximus,
Tues 16 April   Class IV
Wed 17 April   Class IV
Thurs 18 April  Class IV
Fri 19 April   Class IV
Sat 20 April   Saturday of Our Lady


Louis M said...


Lou here. I am finally ready to try this again (work issues).

Is there a way that you can "St Joseph's Guide" a week for me? Let's say the week of the 21st-26th?

Maybe show me (us) how a St Joseph's Guide would look for the MD?

Am I being clear? :o


Kate Edwards said...

Sorry Lou, I know the St Joseph's guide helps you through the LOTH but I'm not familiar with its layout and content.

But if you are looking for page numbers etc, look at the Ordo for the week on the top right hand side of the blog plus the reference sheets for the day of the week (further down the column) and you should have what you need.

My advice would be, don't try and say all of the hours, just start with Prime and Compline and once you have the hang of them, add more.

And ideally, read the 'how to say the Office' guide for those hours first.

Louis M said...

I will have a look.


Anonymous said...

Those who created the Novus Ordo Missae thought that they were legislating the old Mass out of existence. They never thought there would be any "confusion."