Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fifth/Sixth Sunday (after/of Easter)!

We are now coming up to the end of the Easter season, with the Feast of the Ascension this Thursday (though celebrated only on the Sunday in many places in the Ordinary Form).

Ascensiontide, while part of the greater Easter season, has its own special texts (and special chants if you are singing it) in the Office, so you will need to pay attention.

It is also worth noting that the first three days of the week are Rogation Days, when a litany of the saints is traditionally said as a part of a procession at Mass.

The Ordinary of Ascensiontide

In the pre-1962 calendar the period after the Feast of the Ascension was an 'octave', and remnants of the octave can be found in the Office as it now stands.  The rubrics for this period on MD 383* ff.

Lauds: The antiphons are as for Eastertide; the chapter, short responsory, versicle and Benedictus antiphon (note that this is used each day except where displaced by a feast, Sunday etc) are set out at MD 383* ff.

Prime to None: The appropriate antiphons, chapter etc are set out in the psalter.

Vespers: The (single) antiphon is alleluia, as for Eastertide; the chapter, responsory, hymn, versicle and Magnificat antiphon are set out at MD 388*.

This week in the traditional Benedictine calendar

Sun 5 May Fifth Sunday after Easter, Class II; St Pius V, Memorial
Mon 6 May Class IV; Rogation Day
Tues 7 May Class IV; Rogation Day (EF: St Stanislaus, Class III)
Wed 8 May Vigil of the Ascension, Class II; Rogation Day


Thurs 9 May Ascension of Our Lord, Class I
Fri 10 May Class IV; SS Gordian and Epimachis, Memorial (EF: St Antoninus)
Sat 11 May SS Philip and James, Class II

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