Monday, September 30, 2013

This week's Office readings at Matins

It has been brought to my attention that some readers may be saying Matins using books that don't contain all of the readings for it, such as the 'Matins according to the Benedictine ritual' book available from Lulu.

Now I don't think it is absolutely essential to try and do it all!  And if you are using that book by itself, you won't have all of the texts for feats, or the responsories for the readings.

But for those who do want to add the readings in, I'll try and give a brief guide each week in my Ordo notes as to what the readings included in the 1962 version of the Breviary are, and where you might find them in English.

You may not, alas, be able to find all of the Patristic readings very easily.  Accordingly, alternative options might be to use the readings set in the Roman Breviary, available on the Divinum Officium website, or to use one of the 'Bible in a Year' schemas that broadly follow the Sunday Office cycle such as this one set out at the New Liturgical Movement.  Under Plan 1 the readings for October are as follows:

Sept 27-Oct 1: Judith
Oct 2-5: Esther
Oct 6-15: 1 Maccabees
Oct 16-21: 2 Maccabees
Oct 22-Nov 7: Ezekiel

But for the record, here is a list of the readings set in the Monastic Breviary for this week:

Sept 29: Feast of St Michael the Archangel

Nocturn I: Daniel 7: 9-11; 10: 4-14.
Nocturn II: Sermon of St Gregory I (as for Roman Office, Divinum Officium, 1960 rubrics)
Nocturn III: Homily of St Jerome on Matthew 3:18 and 1 8-9; 10-11
Gospel: Matthew 18: 1-10

Sept 30: St Jerome

Nocturn I: One reading on the life of the saint, see Reading 3 of 1960 Roman Office
Nocturn II: Short reading for a confessor

Oct 2: Holy Guardian Angels

Nocturn I: One reading, Sermon of St Bernard on Psalm 90 (12, n. 4), Reading 3 of Roman Office
Nocturn II: Ex 23: 21

Oct 4: St Francis

Nocturn I: One reading on the life of the saint, as for Reading 3 of the Roman Office
Nocturn II: Short reading for a confessor

Oct 5: SS Maurus and Placid

Nocturn I: St Gregory's Dialogues Book II (Life of St Benedict), Chapter 7
Nocturn II: Sirach 2: 9-10

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Thank you! And thanks for this blog, I'd never have figured out how to work the Monastic Diurnal. God bless!