Saturday, October 5, 2013

Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost/First Sunday of October

This Sunday is the Twentieth after Pentecost, and the first Sunday of October.  The Gospel is St John 4: 46-53 (Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons of Sunday refer), while the first Nocturn readings at Matins are from 1 Maccabees 1:1-16 (Magnificat antiphon for I Vespers).

The Office this week in summary

Sun 6 Oct: Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost, Class II; St Bruno, Memorial.

Matins readings: (Nocturn 1) I Maccabees 1: 1-16; (Nocturn 2); St Ambrose, Book of Offices (of Ministers) 1, ch 40, n196-98; (Nocturn 3) Homily 28 on the Evangelist of of St Gregory the Great, No 1); St John 4:46-53.

Mon 7 Oct The Rosary of Blessed Virgin Mary, Class III

Matins reading: St Bernard, Sermon on the Nativity of the BVM, n 10-11; Eccli 39:19

Tues 8 Oct Class IV
Wed 9 Oct Class IV
Thurs 10 Oct Class IV
Fri 11 Oct Class IV

Sat 12 Oct Saturday of Our Lady

Matins reading: (for Second Saturday of October) St Bernard of the praises of the BVM, Homily 2:4-5

Suggested lectio divina

If you are following the 'Bible in a Year' reading program, the readings this week are from 1 Maccabees (up to Chapter 10 by next Saturday).

For the Gospel, my suggested sections of St John's Gospel for each day are set out below.

Monday: John 3:1-21 (Nicodemus)
Tuesday: John 3:22-36
Wednesday: John 4:1-26
Thursday: John 4:27-42
Friday: John 4:43-54
Saturday: John 5:1-18

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