Saturday, November 9, 2013

Twenty fifth Sunday after Pentecost (aka 5th after Epiphany)

Today is the twenty-fifth Sunday after Epiphany, and the third Sunday of November; the texts are for the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany.

In the Benedictine Office this week

Mon 11 Nov St Martin of Tours, Class II
Tues 12 Nov Class IV; St Mennas, Memorial
Wed 13 Nov All Saints of the Benedictine Order, Class II
Thurs14 Nov All Souls of the Benedictine Order, Class II
Fri 15 Nov Class IV; St Albert the Great, Memorial
Sat 16 Nov Saturday of Our Lady

Matins readings for Sunday

Sunday's readings are:

Nocturn I: Daniel 1:1-15
Nocturn II: St Athanasius De Virginitate no 6-7
Nocturn III: St Augustine on St Matthew
Gospel: St Matthew 13:24-30

Matins during the week

The ferial readings are:

Tuesday: Daniel 3:14-24
Friday: Daniel 6: 11-24
Saturday: (Reading 1&2) Daniel 9: 1-24; Reading 3 (of Our Lady): St Ambrose, Ex libro Officiorum I: 18 n69

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