Twenty-seventh and last Sunday after Pentecost

This Sunday marks the end of the liturgical year, and is the Fifth Sunday of November, and the Twenty-sixth (texts of the Twenty-fourth and last) Sunday after Pentecost.

Sunday Matins

The readings at Matins are:

Nocturn I: Micah 1:1-9
Nocturn II: Sermon of St Basil on Psalm 33
Nocturn III: Homily of St Jerome
Gospel: Matthew 24:15-35

Matins readings for the week

Monday:         Nahum 1:1-10
Tuesday:        Habacuc 1:1-10
Wednesday: Sophonias (Zaphaniah) 1: 1-9
Thursday:      Aggaeus (Haggai) 1:1-10
Friday:          Zacharias (Zachariah) 1:16
Saturday:     [Malachi 1:1-11] Note: displaced by feast of St Andrew

The Benedictine Office this week in summary

 Sun 24 Nov Twenty-seventh Sunday after Pentecost (Twenty-fourth and last), Class II; St John                                                 of the Cross, Memorial
Mon 25 Nov Class IV; St Catherine, memorial
Tues 26 Nov Class IV; St Sylvester, Memorial
Wed 27 Nov Class IV
Thurs 28 Nov Class IV
Fri 29 Nov Class IV; St Saturinus, Memorial
Sat 30 Nov St Andrew, Class II

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