Twenty-Sixth Sunday after Pentecost (6th after Epiphany)

At I Vespers, the Magnificat antiphon is for the Fourth Sunday of November.

Matins readings for Sunday

The first Nocturn readings  (for the 4th Sunday) for Matins are from Hosea 1:1-11.  The second Nocturn readings (on them) are from St Augustine's City of God (Book 18, ch 28).

This week's Gospel (for the Sixth Sunday after Epiphany), is the parable of the Mustard Seed, from St Matthew 24: 15-35.  The third Nocturn readings are from St Jerome's sermons on Matthew.

Readings at Matins during the week

Monday:                            Hosea 4: 1-10
Tuesday:                           Joel 1:1-11
Wednesday:                     Joel 3:1-12
Thursday:                          [Amos 1:1-8] but replaced by those for the Presentation of the BVM
Friday:                              Obadiah (Abdias) 1: 1-11 [Reading 3 is for the feast of St Caecilia]
Saturday:                          Jonah 1: 1-12 [Reading 3 of the feast of St Clement]

This week in the Benedictine Office:

Sun 17 Nov Twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost (Sixth Sunday after Epiphany), Class II
Mon 18 Nov Dedication of the Basilicas of SS Peter and Paul, Class III
Tues 19 Nov Class IV
Wed 20 Nov Class IV
Thurs 21 Nov Presentation of the BVM, Class III; Commemoration of St Columba
Fri 22 Nov St Caecilia, Class III
Sat 23 Nov St Clement I, Class III; St Felicitas, memorial

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