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First Sunday and week of Lent

Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry:
The Gospel this week in the Vetus Ordo and 1962 Benedictine Calendar is the temptation of Christ in the desert, St Matthew 4:1-11.  You can find the Matins readings on it here.

The rubrics for Lent

The full Lenten rubrics apply to the Office from today, and you can find notes on them in my post on the Lenten Office, or read through the instructions on the Ordinary of Lent in the Monastic Diurnal, at MD 190*ff.  In summary though, at Lauds and Vespers, the chapters, hymns, etc of the season replace those in the psalter section; and the canticle antiphons are proper for each day.  Each day there are two sets of collects: the first for use from Matins to None; the second for Vespers.

It is also important to be aware that when a feast displaces the Lent texts, a commemoration of the day is made at both Lauds and Vespers using the respective collects, canticle antiphon and versicle that occurs before the relevant canticle at that hour.

This week in the 1962 Benedictine Office

Sunday March 9 – First Sunday of Lent, Class I
Monday March 10 - Monday in the first week of Lent, Class III ; The Forty Martyrs, Memorial
Tuesday March 11 – Tuesday in the first week of Lent, Class III
Wednesday March 12  – St Gregory the Great OSB, Class II; Commemoration of Ember Wednesday
Thursday March 13 – Thursday in the first week of Lent, Class III
Friday March 14  – Ember Friday of Lent, Class II
Saturday March 15 – Ember Saturday of Lent, Class II

You can find more detailed instructions on saying the Office this week in the Ordo for March.

And you can find the Gospel and Matins patristic readings for each day over at my Lectio Divina Notes blog.

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