First Passion Sunday and the week ahead

This week's Gospel is St John 8:46-59.

This Sunday marks the start of Passiontide, which has its own special texts and rubrics, which you can read up on in my post on Passiontide. The Ordinary of the ferial Office, used from the Monday after First Passion Sunday, in Lent is set out in the Farnborough edition of the Monastic Diurnal at MD 240*ff.

Benedictine Office this week in summary

Sunday April 6 – First Passion Sunday, Class I
Monday April 7 – Monday in first Passion Week, Class III
Tuesday April 8 – Tuesday in first Passion Week, Class III
Wednesday April 9 – Wednesday in first Passion Week, Class III
Thursday April 10 - Thursday in First Passion week
Friday April 11 – Friday in first Passion Week, Class III; St Leo I, Memorial
Saturday April 12 – Saturday in First Passion Week, Class III

And you can find more detailed instructions on saying the Office on these days in the Ordo for April.

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