Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Today's Gospel at Mass is the reading of the Passion according to St Matthew, Matthew 26:36-75 and Matthew 27:1-66 (if you prefer the Douay-Rheims to the Knox translation, you can find it starting here).  Note though that the Gospel at Matins on Sunday is the Gospel from the ceremony for the blessing of the palms (or as last Gospel if there is no psalm blessing ceremony), St Matthew 21:1-9.  You can the readings on it here.

Holy Week rubrics

This Sunday marks the start of Holy Week, and note that the rubrics for the Office, particularly from Thursday do not follow the normal pattern.

I've previously posted detailed notes on the rubrics for Holy Week which you can find here.

In summary though, the first three days of Holy Week are all first class days, and the hours from Lauds to None have proper antiphons for each day, which are said with the rest of the texts from the ordinary of Passiontide.

From Holy Thursday, the Benedictine Office is completely unlike the Office for the rest of the year (it follows the Roman Office instead), so do follow the text in the relevant pages of the Diurnal closely, and keep a close eye on the Ordo, or alternatively watch the daily blog guides I'll post here.

The other key point to note is that, as set out in the Ordo, some of the Holy Week ceremonies include parts of the Office - so those who attend them do not need to sing or say those particular hours separately.

The Office this week in summary

Sunday April 13 – Second Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday, Class I
Monday April 14 – Monday in Holy Week, Class I
Tuesday April 15 - Tuesday in Holy Week, Class I
Wednesday April 16 – Wednesday in Holy Week, Class I
Thursday April 17 – Maundy Thursday, Class I
Friday April 18 – Good Friday, Class I
Saturday April 19 – Holy Saturday, Class I

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