Sunday after Ascension and the week ahead

This Sunday is traditionally titled the Sunday after Ascension, though these days in some countries has become 'Ascension Sunday' (!).  The Gospel is St John 15:26-16:4.

The 1962 Benedictine Office in summary this week

Notes on the rubrics for Ascensiontide can be found here, while more detailed instructions for praying the Office this week can be found in the Ordo for June.

Sunday 1 June - Sunday after the Ascension, Class II
Monday 2 June -  Class IV; SS Marcellinus and Peter, memorial [EF: and St Erasmus]
Tuesday 3 June - Class IV
Wednesday 4 June - Class IV [EF: St Francis Caracciolo]
Thursday 5 June - St Boniface, Class III
Friday 6 June - St Norbert, Class III
Saturday 7 June - Whitsun Eve (Vigil of the Pentecost), Class I


Brian M said...

I know that in Ascensiontide one says the psalm antiphons of Paschaltide, but does one use the Paschaltide version of the commemoration of Ss. Marcellinus and Peter on 6/2, and for other commemorations in Ascensiontide? Thanks as always--

Kate Edwards said...

Yes - Ascensiontide is really part of the greater season of Eastertide.