Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

The Benedictine Office (1962 general calendar) this week in summary

Sunday 14 September - Exaltation of Holy Cross, Class II
Monday 15  September – The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Class III (EF: Class II)
Tuesday 16 September – Class IV; SS Cornelius and Cyprian, memorials 
Wednesday 17 September - Class IV; St Hildegard, memorial [EF: Commemoration of the Imprinting of the Stigmata of St Francis; OF: St Hildegard OSB, Doctor of the Church, Solemnity]
Thursday 18 September - Class IV [EF: St Joseph of Cupertio]
Friday 19 September - Class IV [EF: St Januarius and companions]
Saturday 20 September - Saturday of Our Lady (Sat 3 Sept) [EF: and commemoration of St Eustace and Companions]

You can find more details of how to celebrate these hours in the Ordo for September.


Christianus said...

But the exaltation of the Holy Cross is a feast of the Lord and so, according to the rubrics (112, b: "Officium, Missa aut commemoratio de dominica excludit commemorationem aut orationem de festo vel mysterio Domini, et vicissim"), I think the XIV Sunday after Pentecost shouldn't be commemorated.

Kate Edwards said...

You may be right, but the rubric number you quote doesn't seem to line up with the monastic breviary of 1962. Does it come from the Roman 1962 breviary?

The monastic breviary actually makes Sundays a privileged commemoration, which means I&II vespers plus Lauds unless I've missed something.

And in any case, doesn't really make sense that a Class II feast could override the Sunday completely (not that rubrics always make sense!).

Christianus said...

The rubric in the monastic breviary (1963) says (cf. Tomus alter, Rubricae generales, caput III, 16 a): "festum Domini I aut II classis, in dominica II classis occurens, locum tenet ipsius dominicae cum omnibus iuribus et privilegiis: de dominica, proinde, nulla fit commemoratio." The Le Barroux 2014 Ordo also says that nothing is made of the sunday.

Kate Edwards said...

Thanks for hunting that down Christianus, I guess I looked in the wrong place. The Le Barroux Ordo isn't always a good guide as they often follow earlier rubrics (I Vespers of Class II feasts etc).

I've updated it, but probably too late for most I'm afraid.