Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ordo for Ascensiontide

Sunday May 17 – Sunday after the Ascension, Class II

Lauds: Festal psalms with three antiphons (alleluia- canticle – alleluia); chapter etc from MD 389* ff

Prime to None: Antiphons, chapter etc from MD 391* ff

Vespers: Psalms of Sunday under one antiphon; chapter and hymn of Lauds; responsory and Magnificat antiphon, MD 393*

Monday May 18 - Class IV

All as for Monday in Ascensiontide; collect, MD 386

Tuesday May 19 - Class IV; St Peter Celestine, Memorial [EF: Class III] **In Some Places St Dunstan, Class III

All as for Tuesday in Ascensiontide; collect, MD 386*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [148-9]

For St Dunstan, see MD [25**]

Wednesday May 20 - Class IV [EF: St Bernardine of Siena]

All as for Wednesday in Ascensiontide; collect, MD 386*

Thursday May 21 - Class IV

All as for Thursday in Ascensiontide; collect, MD 386*

Friday May 22 - Class IV

All as for Friday in Ascensiontide; collect, MD 386*

Saturday May 23 - Whitsun Eve (Vigil of the Pentecost), Class I

Lauds to None: All as for Saturday during Ascensiontide; collect, MD 386*


I Vespers of Pentecost, MD 393* ff (including psalms of the feast)

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