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Ordo for the fifth week of Eastertide

Sunday May 10 – Fifth Sunday after Easter, Class II; SS Gordian and Epimachis, memorial [EF: St Antonius]

Lauds: (Three) Antiphons for Eastertide with festal psalms for Eastertide, rest from MD 373* ff; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [141-2]

Prime: Antiphon of Eastertide, rest as in the psalter for Sunday

Terce to None: Antiphons of Eastertide, Sunday psalms; chapter verse, versicle and collect, MD 373* ff

Vespers: Psalms of Sunday under one antiphon; chapter of Lauds; responsory and hymn, MD 354*; Magnificat antiphon, MD 375*

Monday May  11  - SS Philip and James; Rogation Day

Matins: Common of Apostles for time after Easter with readings for the feast.

Lauds to Vespers: Antiphons and canticle antiphons of the feast, MD [142-6], rest from the Common of Apostles in Eastertide, MD (23) ff .  At Lauds and Vespers, festal psalms.

Tuesday May 12 - Class IV; SS Nereus, Archilleus and Pancras, memorial; Rogation Day [EF: Class III, and Domitilla]

All as in the psalter for Eastertide; canticle antiphons MD 375-6*, collect, MD 372-3*; for the commemoration at Lauds MD [146] 

Wednesday May 13 – Vigil of the Ascension, Class II; St Robert Bellarmine, memorial; Rogation Day

Lauds to None: all as for ordinary of Paschaltide; collect, MD 372-3*; Benedictus antiphon MD 376*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [147]


I Vespers of the Ascension, see MD 376* ff

Thursday May 14  - The Ascension of Our Lord, Class I

Lauds: Festal psalms with proper antiphons and texts of the feast, MD 379* ff

Prime to None: Antiphons etc of the feast
Vespers: as for I Vespers, with Magnificat antiphon, MD 383*

Ordinary of Ascensiontide

In the pre-1962 calendar this period was an 'octave', and remnants of the octave can be found in the Office as it now stands.  The rubrics for this period on MD 383* ff.

Lauds: The antiphons are as for Eastertide; the chapter, short responsory, versicle and Benedictus antiphon (note that this is used each day except where displaced by a feast, Sunday etc) are set out at MD 383* ff.

Prime to None: The appropriate antiphons, chapter etc are set out in the psalter.

Vespers: The (single) antiphon is alleluia, as for Eastertide; the chapter, responsory, hymn, versicle and Magnificat antiphon are set out at MD 388*

Friday May 15 – Class IV [EF: St John Baptist de la Salle]

Psalms of Friday with Ordinary of Ascensiontide, MD 383* ff; collect, MD 386*

Saturday May 16 – Saturday of Our Lady [EF: St Ubald]

Matins to None: At Matins reading for Saturday 3. Lauds to None, MD (134) ff  Note that the antiphons and versicles for Prime to None should have alleluias added to them

I Vespers of the Sunday after the Ascension: MD 388* ff

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