Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Apologies for the Ordo...

A couple of apologies...

Some will have noticed the Ordo for next year gradually appearing on the blog or in your reader/email.

Apologies on the lateness of getting out next year's Ordo.  Illness, work pressures and other things have delayed me getting to the final proofread, but I will get the task completed before the new liturgical year commences.

Secondly, apologies to subscribers to the blog who are currently being besieged by emails of random Ordos for months of 2016.  Feel free to delete the emails unread (unless of course you'd care to do a proofread and help catch any mistakes that I may have missed...)!  I'm afraid I haven't been able to think of a sensible way of posting the individual months without it being emailed out, sorry.

Finally, in terms of making the Ordo readily accessible, as with this year, once it is complete you will be able to access the Ordo either:

  • for each month, from the blog;
  • posts coming out each week, available either from the blog or by subscribing to it (you can sign up on the blog for posts to be emailed out);
  • in PDF for the whole year posted to the Benedictine office help yahoo group. 
If there are any other options you'd like me to consider, or suggestions/comments on the Ordo itself, now is a good time to email me.

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