Ordo for the twenty-fifth week after Pentecost (6th remaining after Epiphany)

Sunday 15 November – Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Sixth remaining after Epiphany), Class II; St Albert the Great, memorial

Matins: Fourth Sunday of November

Lauds: Psalm schema 1 (50, 117, 62); hymn Aeterne Reum Conditor; canticle antiphon and collect, MD 486*; for the commemoration, MD [362-3]

Prime to None: All as for Sunday in the psalter, with collect MD 486*

Vespers: Canticle antiphon and collect, MD 486*

Monday 16 November – Class IV [EF: St Gertrude]

All as in the psalter; collect, MD 486*

Tuesday 17 November - St Gertrude, Class II/III [EF: St Gregory Thaumaturgis]

Matins: Invitatory antiphon, hymn and three readings and responsories of the feast (if Class II, antiphons, readings and responsories of the feast, psalms from the Common of Virgins)

Lauds: Antiphons and proper texts of the feast, MD [363] ff; festal psalms

Prime to None: Antiphons and proper texts of the feast, psalms of Tuesday

Vespers: Antiphons and proper texts of the feast, psalms from the Common of Virgins

Wednesday 18 November - Dedication of the Basilicas of SS Peter and Paul, Class III

Lauds to Vespers: Antiphons and psalms of Wednesday with the rest from the Common for the Dedication of a Church, MD (114); collect, MD [371]

Thursday 19 November - Class IV [EF: St Elizabeth]

All as in the psalter; collect, MD 486*

Friday 20 November – Class IV [**In some places: St Edmund; EF: St Felix of Valois]

All as in the psalter; collect, MD 486*

For St Edmund see MD 58**

Saturday 21 November – Presentation of the BVM, Class III; Commemoration of St Columba

Matins: Invitatory antiphon and hymn from the Common of feasts of the BVM; reading three of the feast

Lauds: Antiphons and psalms of Saturday; rest from the Common of feasts of the BVM except for the canticle antiphons, collect, and commemoration at Lauds, MD [371] ff

Prime to None: Antiphons and rest as appropriate from the Common of feasts of the BVM with psalms of Saturday; collect, MD [371]

I Vespers of the Fifth Sunday of November, MD 461*; collect of the last Sunday after Pentecost, MD 487*


Feed Room Five said...

Thank you so much for this site and the Ordo; I have used it for ages and never thanked you. Having prayed the Benedictine Office for some years I have little problem
with the Psalter, Chapters and Scriptural lessons, and collects. But the hymns continue to be a challenge and the Patristic lessons at Matins. Do you know of any help with the Latin of the hymns and Lessons? Maybe I just need to keep at it. Thank you.

Kate Edwards said...


In terms of the patristic readings, useful online sources are the divinum officium site - translations of the Matins readings can almost always be found, albeit with a bit of searching through the various versions of the office offered there. There is a book which provides the English - not quite aligned with 1962 readings, but pretty close, if you follow the links from my post on Matins from a while back you can details of it, apparently been reprinted recently: http://saintsshallarise.blogspot.com.au/2009/06/getting-ready-to-tackle-matins.html

In terms of the hymns, Dom Britt's classic book on the hymns of the Office is available online here: http://media.musicasacra.com/pdf/hymnsofbreviary.pdf

Another useful tome is Joseph Connelly, Hymns of the Roman Liturgy, Newman Press, 1957 has been reprinted by the FSSP.

I should probably put together an updated post with assorted resource links...