Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ordo for week of Sexagesima

Sunday 31 January – Sexagesima, Class II; St John Bosco, memorial

Lauds to None: Antiphons and proper texts of Sexagesima, MD 164* ff with Sunday psalms; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [45–6]

Vespers: Antiphons and psalms of Sunday, the rest for the day, from MD 168* ff

Monday 1 February  - St Ignatius, Class III

Matins: Lesson 3 is of the feast

Lauds and Vespers: Psalms and antiphons of the day in the psalter, the rest from the Common of one martyr, MD (31)

All hours: Collect of the feast, MD [46]

Tuesday 2 February - Purification of the BVM, Class II

Lauds: Proper antiphons and texts for the feasts, MD [49] ff with festal psalms

Prime to None: Antiphons etc of the feast

Vespers: Antiphons of Lauds; psalms and propers from Common of BVM, MD (119), Magnificat antiphon, MD [51-2]

Compline: Antiphon of Our Lady, Ave Regina Caelorum, MD 266 (and henceforward)

Wednesday 3 February – Class IV; St Blase, Memorial

Collect,  MD 163*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [52]

Vespers: Magnificat antiphons MD 170*

Thursday 4 February – Class IV [EF: ST Andrew Corsini, Class III]

Collect,  MD 163*

Vespers: Magnificat antiphons MD 171*

Friday 5 February  – St Agatha, Class III [Waitangi Day, NZ]

Lauds: Antiphons and proper texts of the feast, MD [52] ff with festal psalms (of Sunday, MD 44)

Prime to None: Antiphons (and proper texts, collect as appropriate) of the feast with psalms of the day

Vespers: Antiphons of Lauds (omitting the fourth) with Psalms 109, 111, 112 (from Sunday Vespers) and 126 (None); chapter from Lauds, rest, MD [57]

Saturday 6 February - Office of Our Lady [EF: St Titus, Class III]

Matins to None: Office of Our Lady, MD (129) ff; at Matins reading of Saturday 1 of February

I Vespers of Quinquagesima Sunday, MD 171* ff


Anonymous said...

Glory to Jesus! I was wondering, why the prayer for Sexagesima Sunday all of a sudden asks for St. Paul's intercession? Is it a mixup or there's a reason for it? Thanks!

Vitalis, Obl.SB

Kate Edwards said...

No it isn't a mix up, just a leftover of a very ancient tradition. In Rome, this Sunday is traditionally the station mass for St Paul outside the walls, and both the Collect and the epistle (2 Cor 11) at Mass reflect this.