Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fifth week after Easter

This week marks the end of (the first part of) Eastertide proper, and the start of the season of Ascensiontide.  You can find notes on saying the Office during Ascensiontide here.  The three days leading up to Ascension are traditionally Rogation Days.

You might also be interested in reading up on the saints whose feasts occur this week, viz:
Sunday 1 May –  St Joseph the Worker, Class I

Note choice of Offices: MD [126] ff or [133] ff:

Matins: English translations of the readings for the feast will be up on the lectio divina blog in advance of the feast.

Lauds: Festal psalms, antiphons and other texts for the feast; commemoration of the Sunday, MD 373*

Prime to None: Antiphons etc of the feast

Vespers: Psalms from the Common of Apostles, rest of the feast; commemoration of the Sunday, MD 375*

Monday 2 May – St Athanasius, Class III; Rogation Day

Lauds and Vespers: Psalms of the day, rest from Common of a Confessor Bishop except collect, MD [138] and Magnificat antiphon (of a Doctor)

Terce to None: Chapter and versicle from the Common; collect, MD [138]

Tuesday 3 May – Class IV; SS Alexander, Eventius and Theodolus, memorial; Rogation Day [in some places: Finding of Holy Cross]

Ordinary of Eastertide, MD 346*ff; canticle antiphons for Lauds and Vespers, MD 375-6*; collect, MD 373*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [138-9]

Wednesday 4 MayVigil of the Ascension, Class II; St Monica, memorial

Lauds to None: all as for ordinary of Paschaltide; collect, MD 372-3*; at Lauds, versicle and Benedictus antiphon MD 376*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [139-40]


I Vespers of the Ascension, see MD 376* ff

 Thursday 5 May - The Ascension of Our Lord, Class I

Lauds: Festal psalms with proper antiphons and texts of the feast, MD 379* ff

Prime to None: Antiphons etc of the feast

Vespers: as for I Vespers, with Magnificat antiphon, MD 383*

Friday 6 May - Class IV

Ordinary of the Ascension, MD 383*; collect, MD 386*

Saturday 7 May  –  Saturday of Our Lady  [EF: St Stanislaus, Class III]

Matins: Reading for Saturday 1 in May

Lauds to None: Office of Our Lady, MD (134) ff; note that the antiphons and versicles for Prime to None should have alleluias added to them

I Vespers of the Sunday after the Ascension, MD 388*

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