Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ordo for the Tenth week after Pentecost

Sunday 24 July – Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, Class II [EF: Commemoration of St Christina]

Lauds: Psalm schema 1 (50, 117, 62); hymn Ecce Iam Lucis; canticle antiphon and collect MD 469*-70*

Prime to None: All as for Sunday in the psalter; collect, MD 470*

Vespers: Canticle antiphon and collect, MD 470*

Monday 25 July - St James, Class II

Matins: All from the Common of Apostles except for the readings and responsories for Nocturn II & III (of the feast) and collect

Lauds to Vespers: All from the Common of Apostles, MD (9) except for the collect, MD [201]

Tuesday 26 July –  SS Joachim and Anne, Class III [EF: St Anne]

Matins: Invitatory antiphon and hymn of the feast; one reading of the feast; chapter verse Is 56:7

Lauds: Antiphons and proper texts of the feast, MD [202] ff with festal psalms

Prime to None: Antiphons of Lauds (omit 4), proper texts, MD [205] ff

Vespers: Antiphons of Lauds with psalms of Sunday; proper texts of the feast, MD [206-7]

Wednesday 27 July - Class IV [EF: Commemoration of St Pantaleon]
Collect, MD 470*

Thursday 28 July – Class IV [EF: SS Nazarius and Celsus,Victor I, Innocent I]

Collect, MD 470*

Friday 29 July - Class IV;  SS Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice, memorial  [EF: St Martha]

Collect, MD 470*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [207-8]

Saturday 30 July - Saturday of Our Lady; SS Abdon and Sennen, memorial

Matins: Reading of Saturday 4&5 in July

Lauds to None: Office of Our Lady, MD (129) ff; for the commemoration at Lauds MD [208]

I Vespers of the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, MD 450*

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