Ordo for the fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday 21 August – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Class II; St Bernard Ptolemy, memorial 

Matins: Third Sunday in August

Lauds: Psalm schema 1 (50, 117, 62); hymn Ecce iam lucis; canticle antiphon and collect, MD 473-4*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [249]

Vespers: Canticle antiphon and collect, MD 473-4*

Monday 22 August - Class IV; St Timothy, memorial [EF: Immaculate Heart of the BVM]

Collect, MD 473-4*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [250]

Tuesday 23 August - Class IV [EF: St Philip Benizi]

Collect, MD 473-4*

Wednesday 24 August – St Bartholomew, Class II

Matins: Nocturn II & III readings of the feast, rest from the Common of Apostles

Lauds to Vespers: All as in the Common of Apostles, MD (9) ff except for the collect, MD [250]

Thursday 25 August  - Class IV [in some places/EF: St Louis]

Collect, MD 473-4*

*For St Louis, MD 42**

Friday 26 August - Class IV [EF: Commemoration of St Zephyrinus]

Collect, MD 473-4*

Saturday 27 August - Saturday of Our Lady [EF: St Joseph Calasanctius]

Matins to None: At Matins, reading of Saturday 4&5; Lauds to None, MD (129) ff

I Vespers of Fourth Sunday in August, MD 452* ; Fifteenth Sunday, MD 474-5*

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