Ordo for Sixteenth Week after Pentecost

Sunday 4 September - Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Class II

Matins: Sunday 1 of September

Lauds: Psalm schema 1 (50, 117, 62); hymn, Ecce iam lucis; canticle antiphon and collect, MD 475*

Vespers: Canticle antiphon and collect, MD 475-6*

Monday 5 September  - Class IV [EF: St Laurence Justinian]

All as in the psalter; collect, MD 475*

Tuesday 6 September - Class IV

All as in the psalter; collect, MD 475*

Wednesday 7 September  - Class IV [**In some places, St Cloud, Confessor, Class I]

All as in the psalter; collect, MD 475*

**For St Cloud, MD [258]

Thursday 8 September - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Class II [EF: with a commemoration of St Hadrian, Martyr]

Matins: Three Nocturns, with invitatory antiphon, hymn and readings of the feast, rest from Common of feasts of the BVM

Lauds: Antiphons and proper texts for the feast with festal psalms, MD [259] ff

Prime to None: Antiphons of Lauds with chapter and versicles of feast at Terce to None

Vespers: Antiphons and proper texts for the feast, MD [263] with psalms from the Common of Feasts of Our Lady at Vespers

Friday 9 September - Class IV; St Gorgonius, memorial

Collect, MD 475*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [264-5]

Saturday 10 September – Saturday of Our Lady [EF: St Nicholas of Tolentino]

Matins to None: At Matins, reading of Saturday 2 of September; Lauds to None, MD (129) ff 

I Vespers of Second Sunday of September, MD 453*/collect, MD 476*

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