Ordo for twentieth week after Pentecost

Herewith the Ordo for the twentieth week after Pentecost in the traditional form of the Benedictine Office.  If you are new to this, I suggest starting here.

Sunday 2 October – Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost, Class II

Matins: Sunday 1 of October

Lauds: Psalm schema 1 (50, 117, 62); hymn Aeterne Reum Conditor; canticle antiphon and collect, MD 479*

Vespers: Canticle antiphon and collect, MD 479*

Monday 3 October – Class IV; St Teresa of the Child Jesus, memorial [EF: Class III]

Collect, MD 479*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [297]

If Class I, see MD 45**

Tuesday 4 October – St Francis, Class III

Lauds to Vespers: psalms and antiphons of the day; rest from the Common of a Confessor, MD (78) with collect, MD [298]

Terce to None: Chapter and versicle from the Common; collect, MD [298]

Wednesday 5 October  - SS Maurus and Placid, Class III

Matins: Invitatory antiphon, hymn and one reading of the feast

Lauds: Festal psalms with antiphons and propers from MD [299] ff

Prime: Antiphon 1 of Lauds

Terce to None: Antiphons, chapter, versicle and collect of the feast, MD [302] ff

Vespers: Antiphons of Lauds with psalms of Sunday; rest from MD [303] ff

Thursday 6 October - Class IV; St Bruno, memorial [EF: Class III]

Collect, MD 479*; for the commemorations at Lauds, MD [305]

Friday 7 October – The Rosary of Blessed Virgin Mary, Class III

Lauds: Antiphons of the feast with festal psalms of Sunday, proper texts of the feast, MD [307] ff

Prime: Antiphon 1 of Lauds

Terce to None: Antiphons and proper texts of the feast, MD [310-11]

Vespers: Antiphons of the feast with psalms from the Common of the BVM, MD (119), proper texts of the feast, MD [317] ff

Saturday 8 October - Saturday of Our Lady [EF: St Brigid]

Matins to None: At Matins, reading of Saturday 2 of October; Lauds to None, MD (129) ff

I Vespers of the Second Sunday of October, MD 458*/Twenty-first Sunday, MD 480*

1 comment:

Gorgonius said...

Hello Kate

Thanks for your superb site and your regular guidance in praying the DM. I'm especially enjoying your features on the weekly saints and looking forward to your next instalment on the various options for praying the Office.

I'd like to ask four questions:

(1) With AEST daylight saving starting today, should those in the Southern hemisphere, use Ecce iam noctis (summer hymn) instead of Aeterne rerum Conditor (winter hymn) at Sunday Lauds until Quinquagesima (outside the seasons)?

(2) At Lauds and Vespers in solo recitation, should the whole Pater Noster be recited aloud? And is there some rationale for the silent part of the Pater Noster at the other hours?

(3) I've read Cardinal Richlieu recited his entire Office for the day at 11pm and the entire Office for the next day from 12am! Good time management. While I don't want to follow the exact example of His Eminence, do the rubrics allow us to join Offices as in the LOTH? Can we omit the ending, for example, of the first office and the introduction of the second or does each Office stand alone, even if they follow each other directly? I'm thinking of joining Lauds and Prime, None and Vespers?

4)The DM rubrics indicate the ending for collects is always in the long version. In the LOTH, short endings are used for the lesser hours. Do the full DM rubrics permit this practice in solo recitation?

Thank you for your advice and encouragement.