Ordo 2017 proofreading update: Trinity Sunday to the last week of the liturgical year

A big thank you once again to those who have taken a look at the Ordo notes I've posted so far and pointed out types, wrong page numbers, or are still in the process of doing so.

I've now completed the last set of notes including Matins, and would appreciate it if a few people could take a look through this as well. 

Let me emphasise again that you don't need to be an expert to help on this - just look at things like when you go to the page number noted, does it actually match up with the feast or day in question for example.  

I'm also keen to know if the instructions provided are sufficiently clear - this year I have for example, separated out Prime from Terce to None on feasts, since grouping them together seemed to create same confusion about whether the chapter/verse and collect changed at Prime on feasts (the answer is that they don't).  But there may be other things of a similar nature where I am assuming too much knowledge...

 In the case of Matins, I've tried to write it primarily for those using either the 1963 breviary, or an earlier breviary and wanting to adapt it to the 1963 rubrics; I'll try and provide some suggestions and additional notes on tackling Matins that includes other books (such as the Clear Creek Matins booklet) in the new year.

*removed to avoid confusion with the final product

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