Ordo for 2016-2017 liturgical year

As some people seem to have noticed, the Ordo for the upcoming liturgical year is now available on the blog by month.

A big thank you to all who looked at the drafts (even if you couldn't find anything to comment on),  I appreciate the thought and the effort.

Accessing the Ordo

As usual, I have scheduled it to appear in weekly chunks each Saturday afternoon (Australian time), and you can use the subscribe option in the right-hand side bar to receive these and other material posted on the blogs in your email box.

For some reason I have been unable to upload it to yahoo groups as yet, so pending resolution of the problem, if you would like a copy of the PDF version for the whole year, please email me.

Can I please asks you to...

As usual, can you please alert me to any possible errors, so I can catch them for next time at the very least!

In addition, can I ask for your prayers:

  • for the intentions of those who kindly proofread parts or all of it;
  • for me by way of reparation for any remaining errors or omissions (including in past Ordos); and 
  • if you would, for my intentions more generally.

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