Ordo for 2017: Help! - Advent to the end of Christmas season

We are coming up to the start of the new liturgical year, and thus my annual crisis of conscience: whether to put up an Ordo or not, given my continuing inability to avoid mistakes, no matter how many times I proofread the thing.

And on this front, this year I thought I'd try crowd-sourcing the proofreading process.

You don't need to be an expert to help on this - all you need is a copy of the Farnborough edition of the Diurnal (ie the Latin-English Monastic Diurnal of 2004 or later).

Crowd-sourcing proofreading  

In order to avoid the numerous mistakes I (or more often someone else) always find after I've posted it, I'd invite ALL users of the Ordo (except those using older editions of the books) to take a look at it carefully now and identify any issues with it.

**Feel free to focus on the hours that you say yourself.

I plan to hold off producing the PDF and weekly versions of the Ordo until someone identifies at least one mistake in each chunk of the Ordo (or at least makes it clear that a particular hour or section it has been checked).  You can either use the comments box or email me.

A chance to ask questions

If you are relatively new to the Office, treat this as a chance to ask any questions you have on how to interpret the Ordo and how to say the Office correctly.

For example:

Is the meaning of the abbreviations clear to you?
Can you find the pages referred to (and do they line up with the feasts/days mentioned)?
Is there more information you need/would like the Ordo to include?

What to look for....

For those with some experience in saying the Office, I'd appreciate it if you could:
  • look through and check for obvious things, like things saying 'psalms of Saturday' of a Wednesday, missing feasts of saints (or feasts on the wrong day), or incorrect page references; and 
  • where there are feasts that clash with each other or Sundays, check my Ordo against the instructions in the tables of occurrence and concurrence in the Diurnal (which Vespers is said, is there a commemoration, etc).
For those who have a good knowledge of the rubrics, please do focus on issues around the less frequently used rubrics (I did reread them when I started the production process this year, but as always, have probably forgotten something by the time I got to the end of the project).

Music to proofread to...

The first instalment starts below (I plan to post it in seasonal chunks - I'll put up the next section once people have responded to this one).

And here is some music to proofread to, in keeping with the season in question.

**removed to avoid confusion with the final product


patrick said...

Trying to proofread what you have posted so far...difficulty lies in I am working off of a 1963 Benedictine Diurnal and a 1963 Breviarium Monasticum......at any rate so far I have not run into any discrepancies.

Kate Edwards said...

Thanks Patrick, much appreciated.

The page references won't be the same, but everything else should be, but do let me me know once you get to the end. I know its mindnumbing work, but let me assure you, not nearly as mind-numbing as putting it together in the first place. And your effects will help ensure the several hundred users of the ordo get it right, so a very good work indeed.

patrick said...

Thank you Kate,
I can also help identify Matins psalms for class 1 and 2 feasts that are not mentioned in the ordo's...plus the canticles on 12 lesson days.Antiphons are pretty much the same as the Roman Rite,at least the one's I have checked into.As I am retired so in my spare time I will be proof reading your work,which is excellent btw.

Kate Edwards said...

I'm sure some Ordo users would appreciate those - one of those projects I've always meant to get around to but not yet quite had time, thanks.