Ordo for 2017 - Last call for corrections!

Just a call out to anyone who has started looking at the Ordo, or was thinking of doing so - please send in any comments you have asap.

As previously noted, I';m interested in:

  • any errors you can find;
  • anything that is unclear and needs more explanation; and
  • anything you think is missing that might be helpful.

I'm hoping I'll get time later in this coming week to do a final proofread, so I can put it up in time for the new liturgical year.

As usual I plan to:

  • post it in monthly chunks (accessible from a page or sidebar);
  • post it in weekly sections that will appear on the blog each Saturday afternoon (Australian time) - you can subscribe on the blog in order to receive these by email; and 
  • produce a PDF version that can be downloaded.

You can find the current drafts here:

Advent to Christmas
January 14-Septuagesimatide
Lent to Pentecost
Trinity Sunday to the end of Sundays after Pentecost

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