Ordo for the week of the Fifth Sunday remaining after Epiphany (after Pentecost, 25)

Sunday 6 November  - Fifth Sunday Remaining after Epiphany, Class II (25th Sunday after Pentecost)

Matins: Third Sunday of November

Lauds: Psalm schema 1 (50, 117, 62); hymn Aeterne Reum Conditor; canticle antiphon MD 485*

Prime to None: All as for Sunday in the psalter, with collect MD 485*

Vespers: Canticle antiphon and collect, MD 485*

Monday 7 November – Class IV

Matins: Three readings henceforward; third week of November

Lauds to Compline: All as in the psalter; collect, MD 485*

Tuesday 8 November – Class IV; The Four Crowned, Martyrs, memorial

All as in the psalter; collect, MD 485*; for the commemoration, MD [345]

Wednesday 9 November - Dedication of the Archbasilica of the Most Holy Saviour (St John Lateran), Class II

Lauds to Vespers: See MD [345]; All from the Common for the dedication of a Church, MD (114) ff

Thursday 10 November – Class IV; St Theodore, memorial [EF: St Andrew Avellino]

Collect, MD 485*; for the commemoration at Lauds, MD [346]

Friday 11 November - St Martin of Tours, Class II

Matins: Invitatory antiphon, hymn, antiphons, readings etc of the feast; psalms from the Common of a Confessor Bishop

Lauds: Antiphons and proper texts of the feast, MD [346] ff with festal psalms of Sunday

Prime: Antiphon 1 of Lauds

Terce to None: Antiphon, etc of the feast

Vespers: Antiphons of Lauds with psalms from Common of a Confessor Bishop, MD (68); proper texts of the feast, MD [350] ff

Saturday 12 November – Saturday of Our Lady; St Mennas, memorial [EF: St Martin I]

Matins to None: At Matins, reading of Saturday 2 of November; Lauds to None, MD (129) ff ; for the commemoration, MD [352-3]

I Vespers of the fourth Sunday of November, MD 460*/Sixth Remaining after Epiphany, MD 486*

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