Ordo proofreading update - call out for those who say Matins, and Lent - Pentecost

A big thank you to those who have identified corrections for the Ordo, or are still working on it, I appreciate it.


A number of people have asked for more detail on Matins.  Accordingly, I am in the process of adding notes for that hour.

I would be grateful if one or two of those who say Matins would take a look through what I have done so far and let me have any comments.

You can find the updated drafts, incorporating notes on Matins and all the comments I've received so far (please do let me know if I've failed to include any errors you've pointed out to me, or mucked up something in the correction process!) as follows:

Advent to Epiphanytide
Jan 14-end of Septuagesimatide

In terms of more details on the psalms said on feasts etc, I won't include them in the Ordo or it will get too long, but if anyone wants to put the material together, I can post it separately (perhaps with the readings over at Lectio Divina blog).  I will also try and post some more detailed 'how to say Matins' notes in the new year.

Lent to Eastertide

In addition, the notes for Lent to Easter are set out below - I would be grateful for any tie you can lend to hunting out any errors or omissions.  If you would like it in word, please email me.

**removed to avoid confusion with the final product

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