Proofreading help needed - Ordo for 2017: January 14 to end of Septuagesimatide

A big thank you to the people who have identified corrections in the part of the draft Ordo already posted.

I'm in the process of making the corrections and will start converting what has been done so far into the Ordo section on the blog.

In the interests of spreading the work around a little, I'd still appreciate more volunteers - please do email me and I'll send you one or more (depending on your capacity!) of the next sections, which I've divided up into January 14 to the end of Septuagesimatide; Lent to Pentecost; and Trinity Sunday to end August; and September-November.

And for those happy to work with the online version, here is the next section - once I've received comments on it, I'll post the next chunk!

DRAFT ORDO: January 14 to end of Septuagesimatide

**removed to avoid confusion with the final product


patrick said...

You beat me to the punch for the psalms and canticles for the Dedication of Saint John Lateran......was trying to translate the antiphons from the monastic breviary,for Matins,just going to go with the Roman office antiphons.....

Kate Edwards said...

Glad to be of help!

Several people have indicated an interest in Matins, so I'm going back through my Ordo notes to add more on it.

I'll put up a rev ed in case anyone wants to have a go at checking it soon!