Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22: St Vincent, Martyr, Memorial

St Vincent of Sarragossa (aka Vincent of Huesca or Vincent the Deacon) was martyred under Diocletian in 304 at Valencia in Spain.

He was born at Saragossa, and was ordained deacon and commissioned to do the preaching in the diocese, the bishop Valerius having an impediment of speech. By order of the Governor Dacian he and his bishop were dragged in chains to Valencia and kept in prison for a long time. Then Valerius was banished, but Vincent was subjected to many cruel torments, the rack, the gridiron, and scourgings. He was again imprisoned, in a cell strewn with potsherds. He was next placed in a soft and luxurious bed, to shake his constancy, but here he expired.

His body was thrown to be devoured by vultures, but it was defended by a raven. Dacian had the body cast into the sea, but it came to shore and was buried by a pious widow.

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