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Ordo notes for the week of Sexagesima Sunday (Feb 4-10)

This week is the second in the season of Septuagesimatide, and you can find notes on the rubrics of Septuagesimatide here.  The key thing to remember is that the word Alleluia is not used after I Vespers of this Sunday, and so alternative antiphons for phrases are substituted in.

The notes below relate to the variable parts of the Office only, so should be read in conjunction with the Learn to Say the  Benedictine Office notes provided elsewhere on the blog.

Key to the abbreviations:

MD= Monastic Diurnal (MD, 2004 onwards editions)
AM =Antiphonale Monasticum 1934 (1995 edition).
LR=Liber Responsorialis (downloadable from CC Watershed) and the Nocturnale Romanum.
LH=Liber Hymnarius, 1983
SupAM=Supplement to the Antiphonale Monasticum published by Clear Creek.


Sunday 4 February – Sexagesima Sunday, Class II

Matins: Invitatory antiphon for the Sunday (Preoccupemus faciem Domini); hymn Primo dierum (from the psalter); readings, responsories and collect of the Sunday

Lauds to None: Antiphons and proper texts of Sexagesima, MD 164*/AM 319 ff with Sunday psalms

Vespers: Antiphons and psalms of Sunday, the rest for the day, from MD 168*/323 ff

Monday 5 February – St Agatha, Class III

Matins:  Invitatory antiphon and hymn from the Common of Virgins (LR 211-12), responsories and third reading of the feast

Lauds: Antiphons and proper texts of the feast, MD [52]/AM 807 ff with festal psalms

Prime to None: Antiphons etc of the feast

Vespers: Antiphons of Lauds (omitting the fourth) with Psalms 109, 111, 112 (from Sunday Vespers) and 126 (None); chapter from Lauds, rest, MD [57]/AM 810

Tuesday 6 February - Class IV [EF: St Titus, Class III]; Waitangi Day (NZ)

Matins: Note: Nocturn II, antiphons of Septuagesima; three readings of the day

Lauds, Terce to Vespers: Collect, MD 163*at Vespers, Magnificat antiphon MD 170-1*/AM 324

Wednesday 7 February – St Romuald, Class III

Matins: Invitatory and hymn from Common of a Confessor (LR  190); psalms and antiphons of the day; reading 1&2 of the feria (combine readings 2&3; use responsories 1&3 of the feria), reading and responsory 3 of the feast

Lauds and Vespers: Psalms and antiphons of the day, with the rest from the Common of a Confessor, MD (75)/AM 672; collect, MD [58]/AM 810

Prime: Antiphon 1 of Lauds from Common; Terce to None: Antiphon, chapter and versicle from Common, Collect of the feast

Thursday 8 February – Class IV [EF: St John of Matha, Class III]

Collect, MD 163*/AM 810; at Vespers, Magnificat antiphon MD 170-1*/AM 325

Friday 9 February – Class IV [EF: ST Cyril of Alexandria, Class III]

Collect, MD 163*/AM 810; at Vespers, Magnificat antiphon MD 170-1*/AM 325

If the feast of St Scholastica is Class I, I Vespers of the feast (MD [58]/AM 812)

Saturday 10 February - St Scholastica, sister of St Benedict, Virgin, Class II (Class I for monasteries of nuns)

Matins: LR 288 ff - Invitatory and hymn of the feast; antiphons of the feast, psalms from the Common of Virgins; twelve readings and responsories of the feast, Gospel from the Common of Virgins

Lauds: Festal psalms with antiphons etc from MD [62]/AM 815 ff

Prime to None: Antiphons etc of the feast, MD [65] ff

Vespers:  Psalms from Common of Virgins, MD (84); proper texts, MD [59]/AM 818 ff; commemoration of the Sunday, MD 171* ff/AM 326

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