Monday, July 26, 2021

Ordo 2022 = feedback and help wanted!

For those who use the PDF or book forms of the Ordo in particular, I am currently working on next year's edition, and would appreciate some feedback and help.

Feedback please

In terms of feedback, three questions.  

(1) Is there anything you would like me to consider changing about it in terms of format, size of book, etc?

(2) In terms of content, anything you would like added or removed either to the individual entries or front material? Did you like the listings of new saints for example, or does it require more information?

(3) Are there any mistakes or possible errors you detected that I haven't corrected?

Any other more general feedback on it is also appreciated.

Help wanted!

In terms of help, I will shortly be looking for anyone prepared to do some serious proofreading.

All levels of expertise and none can be useful. 

At this point I'm particularly interested in any one who feels reasonably confident in using the 'two tables' (Occurrence and concurrence) in the Diurnal (or breviary) as I've compiled a list of conflicts between feasts/days and how I think they should be treated, and would be glad of someone willing to do a cross-check for me.

But I am also looking for people who can do checks that nothing is missing or in the wrong place, formatting is consistent and so forth.

And there is a free Ordo in it for those who help (as well as treasure in heaven hopefully!).

Please do contact me via the comments option or email.

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