Sixteenth week after Pentecost

c10th healing of the man with dropsy

The Gospel for the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost is St Luke 14:1-11.

The Office this week in summary (Benedictine 1962 General Calendar)

Sunday 28 September - Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost/Fourth Sunday of September, Class II
Monday 29 September - Dedication of St Michael the Archangel, Class I
Tuesday 30 September – St Jerome, Class III
Wednesday 1 October - Class IV [EF: Commemoration of St Remigius]
Thursday 2 October – The Holy Guardian Angels, Class III
Friday 3 October – Class IV; St Teresa of the Child Jesus, memorial [EF: Class III]
Saturday 4 October – St Francis, Class III

You can find more details of how to celebrate the hours up to Tuesday in the Ordo for September, and for the rest of the week in the Ordo for October.

Fifteenth week after Pentecost

The Gospel this Sunday is St Luke 7:11-16, the revival of the young man of Naim.

The Benedictine Office this week in summary

This week contains the three September Ember Days, so do consider observing the traditional fasting and abstinence on them.

Sunday 21 September - Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost/Third Sunday of September, Class II ; Commemoration of St Matthew
Monday 22 September - Class IV; St Maurice and Companions, memorial [EF: St Thomas of Villanova]
Tuesday 23 September  - Class IV; St Linus I, memorial
Wednesday 24 September - Ember Wednesday, Class II;  [EF: and Commemoration of Our Lady of Ransom]
Thursday 25 September– Class IV
Friday 26 September - Ember Friday, Class II [EF: and Commemoration of SS Cyprian and Justina]
Saturday 27 September  - Ember Saturday, Class II; SS Cosmas and Damian, memorial

You can find more details of how to celebrate these hours in the Ordo for September.

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

The Benedictine Office (1962 general calendar) this week in summary

Sunday 14 September - Exaltation of Holy Cross, Class II
Monday 15  September – The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Class III (EF: Class II)
Tuesday 16 September – Class IV; SS Cornelius and Cyprian, memorials 
Wednesday 17 September - Class IV; St Hildegard, memorial [EF: Commemoration of the Imprinting of the Stigmata of St Francis; OF: St Hildegard OSB, Doctor of the Church, Solemnity]
Thursday 18 September - Class IV [EF: St Joseph of Cupertio]
Friday 19 September - Class IV [EF: St Januarius and companions]
Saturday 20 September - Saturday of Our Lady (Sat 3 Sept) [EF: and commemoration of St Eustace and Companions]

You can find more details of how to celebrate these hours in the Ordo for September.

Thirteenth week after Pentecost

Codex Aureus Epternacensis, c1035-40

This Sunday's Gospel is St Luke 17:11-19, healing of the lepers.

This week in the Office

Sunday 7 September  - Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost/First Sunday of September, Class II [**In some places, St Cloud, Confessor, Class I]
Monday 8 September - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Class II [EF: with a commemoration of St Hadrian, Martyr]
Tuesday 9 September - Class IV; St Gorgonius, memorial
Wednesday 10 September – Class IV [EF: St Nicholas of Tolentino]
Thursday 11 September  - Class IV; SS Protus and Hyacinth, memorial
Friday 12 September – Class IV [EF: Most Holy Name of Mary]
Saturday 13 September - Saturday of Our Lady (Sat 2 Sept)

You can find further details of how to say the Office for these days in the Ordo for September.