The Ascension


expat said...


When I went to say Prime this morning, I realized I had some confusion.

What Hymn, Chapter and Response should I have said? The ones for the feast day or the regular ones for Thursdays?

I was especially confused because I saw that the Little Hours all have special ones for Ascension.

I reviewed the tutorial, but still need clarity.

As a beginner, I know now that I should have reviewed before the actual day; I’ll know better for next time!

Thanks for your help!

Terra said...

At Prime, the only thing that ever changes on a feast is the antiphon, and for today that should have been aleluia etc.

It is only Terce, Sext and None that have chapters etc for the day.

Hmm, perhpas I need to spell out more in the Ordo note!

expat said...

Thanks, Terra!

It's probably just me having the confusion -- I have menopausal brain fog like you wouldn't believe!

Terra said...

Sorry tht isn't very clear - the normal alleluia should have been replaced by the antiphon for the feast, Viri Galilaei

Terra said...

And expat, I doubt you are alone on this!

The important thing is to have the Ordo I put up on the site each week next to you, and when there is a major feast, have a quick flcik through the MD rubrics section in advance. The next biggie of course is Pentecost, but over these next few days, do watch out for the Ordinary of Ascensiontide!