Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pope urges pray the Office: and there's a new edition of the Diurnal out to help you do it!

Photos and dimension details: Jonah Smith
At his General Audience last week, the Pope concluded his series of talks on the psalms as the prayer-book of the Church by urging everyone to pray Lauds, Vespers and Compline.

And with absolutely perfect timing, the new, seventh edition of the Monastic Diurnal has just been released by the monks of Farnborough Abbey to enable you to do just that! 

The Farnborough Monastic Diurnal provides the day hours of the Office (ie all the hours except the long monastic night Office of Matins) with parallel English and Latin texts, according to the 1963 rubrics.

And unlike the modern Liturgy of the Hours (1970), or even the 1962 Roman Breviary (which uses the 1911 reordering of the psalter), the Monastic Diurnal utilises a traditional ordering of the psalms for each day and hour, namely that set out by St Benedict in his Rule and in use now for over 1400 years.

For those familiar with the previous edition of the book, it is on rather heavier paper, giving increased durability, and its dimensions are 150 mm x100mm x51mm.

At £45.00 plus shipping from the Abbey direct, it is a considerably cheaper option than most other breviaries around.

And thanks too to Father Abbot for giving this blog a bit of a plug!

The monks also have their own blog now, so you can follow their doings.


Rich said...

What is different about the newer diurnal? I just ordered one yesterday, and I have seen the previous edition. I guess I'm wondering what I'm in for.

Kate said...

As far as I can gather the changes are cosmetic only - thicker (more durable) paper and a new intro.

Daniel said...

Is the Farnborough Monastic Diurnal exactly the same as the one sold by Clear Creek Abbey? Are they printed by the same publisher? I live in the States, and would prefer to buy a diurnal that is shipped from Oklahoma instead of England if possible.

Kate Edwards said...

I believe so!

Paul said...

Are the dimension for the book correct? I intend to use a book cover for the Diurnal to safegaurd it.

Mariojlhm said...

I realize that I'm resurrecting a post from the dead, but, is there anywhere that you can actually get the Monastic Night Office in Latin in published form? I can't find the Monasatic Breviary (1963) anywhere...and thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these new Monastic Diurnals...but I really want the whole shebang!

Kate Edwards said...

Unfortunately, as far as I know the answer is no. If you can't find a 1963 breviary, an older one would do the job - fairly easy to adapt the minor rubric changes. The best I can offer is a version of the psalms of the ferial office with antiphons - take a look at my post on resources: