Wednesday, September 5, 2012

St Laurence Justinian (EF), Sept 5

St Laurence Justinian, d 1455, of whom the martyrology says:

"The feast of St. Lawrence Justinian, first Patriarch of Venice, who, by glorious miracles and virtues, illustrated the episcopal dignity which he received against his will on this day. His birthday is the 8th of January."


Jon said...


I'm wondering, which edition of the Benedictine Martyrology do you use?

I'm afraid I can't find either an old copy or an e-edition.

(I'm in Pennsylvania)


Kate Edwards said...

There is no official Benedictine Martyrology - this is from older edition of the Roman.

Jon said...

Thank you, Kate.

That's interesting. I've seen the phrase "from the Benedictine Martyrology" bandied about. It's also interesting that there's no "official" Ben. Martyrology given the differences in the Benedictine Sanctoral Calendar.

Anonymous said...

Comment: I think that 8th of January is the date of his death.

Question: Where one can see the real pictures of St. Laurence Justinian?

Kate Edwards said...

You are correct anon - the martyrology uses the term birthday to refer to a saints' rebirth in heaven.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'real pictures' though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your explanation about rebirth.

'real pictures'

Sorry I was not clear. I wanted to ask, do you happen to know where in reality one can see those pictures exhibited?