Saturday, October 20, 2012

St John Cantius (EF, Oct 20)

"In Poland, St. John Cantius, priest and confessor. Being glorious for virtues and miracles, he was inscribed among the saints by the Sovereign Pontiff, Clement XIII."


Joseph said...

I'm getting ready to remember the one year anniversary of the passing of my beautiful wife Laureen, who at age 53 secumbed to the cancer she had and went to meet Jesus. I couldn't find anything on your blog on the proper way to Pray the Office of the Dead. There seems to be many options in the Diurnal, like multiple Nocturns, Lessons, and a rubuc that says "The Lessons are read without Absolution, Blessing or Title". What does that mean? Do you have a procedure for praying the Office of the Dead?

Kate Edwards said...

Sorry for your loss Joseph.

For some notes on the Office of the Dead take a look here:

and here: