Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fourth Sunday of Advent

This Sunday is the fourth in Advent, and the week marks the start of Christmastide (note that there are of course twelve days of Christmas!).

This week in the Benedictine Office

Sunday 22 December – Fourth Sunday of Advent, Class I

Matins readings:
Nocturn I:  Isaiah 35: 1-10; Is 41:1-4
Nocturn II: Sermon of Pope St Leo
Nocturn III: Homily of St Gregory the Great
Gospel: Luke 3:1-6

Monastic Diurnal (MD): MD 45* ff; at Vespers O Rex gentium MD 36*
Antiphonale Monasticum (AM): AM 226 ff; O Antiphon, AM211

Monday 23 December – Monday in the fourth week of Advent, Class II

Matins readings: Is 41:8-16
MD: Antiphons from MD 37*; Ordinary of Advent; Benedictus antiphon (Ecce completa) MD 45*; O Emmanuel, MD 36*
AM: Antiphons AM 212; Benedictus antiphon AM 220; O antiphon, AM 211

Tuesday 24 December - Vigil of the Nativity, Class I

Matins readings: Nocturn I: Homily of St Jerome; Nocturn II: Romans 1:4
MD: Antiphons and proper texts, MD 54* ff
AM: AM 232


I Vespers of the Nativity of Our Lord, MD 58* ff ; AM 236ff

Wednesday 25 December – The Nativity of Our Lord, Class I with a Second Class Octave

Matins readings: Isaiah 9:1-6, 40:1-8; 52:1-6; Sermon  21 of St Leo; Homilies of St Jerome, St Gregory, St Ambrose and St Augustine; Gospel: Mt 1:1-16
 MD 61* ff; AM 240 ff

Thursday 26 December – St Stephen, Protomartyr, Class II

Matins readings: Acts 6:1-10 & 7:54-60; Sermon of St Fulgentius; Homily of St Jerome; Mt 23:34-39
MD 83* ff; AM 250 ff

Friday 27 December – St John the Evangelist, Class II

Matins readings: I John 1:1-10, 2:1-5; St Jerome on Ecclesiastical writers and commentary on Galatians; Homily of St Augustine; John 21:19-24
MD 90* ff; AM 255ff

 Saturday 28 December - Holy Innocents, Class II

Matins readings: Jeremiah 31:15-23; Sermon of St Caesarii; Homily of St Jerome; Mt 2:15-18
MD 97* ff; AM 260 ff

Sunday 29 December – Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity, Class II [in some places, St Thomas Beckett, Class I]

Matins readings: Romans 1:1-19; Sermon of St Leo; Homily of St Ambrose; Luke 2:33-40

MD 77* ff; AM 265 ff

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