Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Saturday

Eastern Rite Matins for Holy Saturday

The instructions for the Office of Holy Saturday are set out at MD 318* ff.  Note that:
There are no opening prayers
The Gloria Patri is not said at the end of each psalm
The psalms and antiphons to be used are set out at MD 279* ff
‘Propter quod…’ is added to the antiphon Christus factus est, MD 282*

Vespers is as on Maundy Thursday, except for the first antiphon and Magnificat antiphon, MD 325*.  It can be said any time after noon.

Compline can be found in the Diurnal on at 325*, and should be said before the Easter Vigil.  Note that those attending the vigil don't need to say Sunday Matins or Lauds.

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